In Memoriam 


Ch Silverdi's Rose of Madilane
Born 13 December 1996
Crossed Rainbow Bridge 21 May 2012 at 15.5 years of age

I have to confess it has taken me over a year to add my beautiful girl to my memorial page and I still do this with tears and a heavy heart.  Madison was very special to me, she was the beginning of a long line of lovely cockers, both show and pets.  She taught me how to lose in the show ring, she taught me how to win in the show ring.  She taught me how to be patient with grooming, she taught me how to whelp a litter.  Unfortunately the day she decided it was time for her to leave me was on my birthday, a day with already distinct meaning, a day that will be celebrated for other reasons now, and sometimes heavy hearted.  My beautiful Madison, you gave me so much, you chose to go peacefully on your own in the yard under the crab apple tree that was in full beautiful bloom.  I did not get to say goodbye to you, it is something I will always deeply regret.  Thank you for the wonderful years, thank you for watching over my son from the day he was brought home from the hospital, you protected him and loved him unconditionally until you left us.  Thank you for all that you gave me, it was so much.  You leave a legacy that far surpassed my wildest expectations, dreams and hopes.  You will forever be in our hearts and I know deep down inside you never really left me and some day I will join you and be able to hold you again. I will miss you forever and I will always love my very special girl,

A very special thank you again to Dianne McKenty-Tanguay (Silverdi Kennels) for allowing and trusting me to have this beautiful very special girl.  And for all you have taught me through the years.  We share a bond and a family connection that will never be broken.