Ch Prelude’s Tri Me On Too


DOB: 31 January 1998
Sire: Am Ch Kobblestone Country Jazz
Dam: Ch Prelude N Brydens Tri One On

Holly was my first parti colour. Originally I had no intent of breeding parti's but then I met Holly's mom, Molly at a dog show. I fell in love with her personality and sweet temperament but she was not for sale. So I waited for the next best thing, her daughter. Holly came into our lives and she brought a lot of excitement and laughter. She loved to talk to you constantly in a very soft howl. Every day when I would come home from work she would have a five minute conversation with you telling you about her day. She loved to fetch anything, play endlessly with a ball and she played soccer with my husband. She actually grinned with her mouth when she was happy ( or when she got in trouble) and has passed that trait onto her prodigy. Holly was a very showy girl with tons of attitude and finished very quickly in the ring. She was a very intelligent dog who was always looking to challenge herself. I took her to fly ball classes and she learned so quickly that she would get bored as if to say, is that it? Holly is now retired and lives with one of her pups. One of her daughters Ceili lives in Calgary and does a lot of agility. Check out the clients page for Ceili's pictures.