RBIS Am Cdn Ch Madilane's Devil Made Me Do It CGN, AOM

DamienDamien RBIS

2010 - #1 Parti-Colour Cocker, #4 Cocker in Canada (with extremely limited showing)  

2009 - #1 Parti-Colour Cocker, #3 Cocker and
RBIS, Multi Group Winner, AOM and Placements

2008 - #1 Parti-Colour Cocker and #4 Cocker in Canada (with limited showing) 2 time AOM Winner at National and Regional Specialties                                                                                                                                                                     

Best of Variety winner at Indiana Cocker Specialty
(from the Open Dog Class)

DOB: 06 May 2006
Sire: Am Cdn Ch Nickleodeon Classic Jazz
Dam: Cdn Ch Madilane's Dreamcatcher
Eyes clear and OFA good.

Damien is one of those dogs that I knew he was a winner the second he was born. He finished his Canadian Championship in a flash, 5 days in 2007. Finishing him so quick, I said “Now what” ! So I decided to put him in the ring as a Special and the first weekend out he got a Group 2 and Group 3. The next weekend out he got another Group 2. His experience was limited and he was young and I didn’t want to push him so I decided to show him on a very limited basis. I took him to the National Specialty in October at the tender age of one and he received the only Award of Merit from an American judge. I guess he really is a ‘Show Dog’ so it was time to put his US title on him.Damien He went undefeated in his class and singled out in two weekends which included a Best of Variety at the Indiana Cocker Specialty. He obtained one major on the east coast and being that majors are hard to find I waited until the end of August and took him down to Tonowanda, NY where I put the 2nd major on him and finished his American Championship myself. That was a pretty proud moment for me.

In September 2008, I also took him through his Canine Good Neighbour test and he passed with no problem so he is now Am Cdn Ch Madilane’s Devil Made Me Do It, CGN. Damien is a multi group placement winner including several Group 1’s. He also received another Award of Merit at the American Cocker Spaniel Club of Central Ontario Specialty in Trillium Nov 1, 2008. He was the the #1 parti colour cocker and the #4 cocker in Canada for 2008.  I also need to add, due to many other obligations in my life he was shown on a limited basis.

Damien Damien

At home Damien loves to fetch the ball, play with my son, herd puppies, climb my son’s jungle gym and go ripping down the 10 foot slide. He is truly a dog with it all. Above everything Damien’s favourite thing to do is to cuddle up with one of us and give us ‘blinky’ eyes as I call it. When you get ‘blinky’ eyes, he is telling you how much he loves you.

Damien has 3 babies out showing in 2010 and 2011.  Cdn Ch Madilane's Devil Wears Prada (Zoey) and already pointed in the US including a major.  Ch Madilane's Headin' my Way (Journey) achieved his Cdn title in Western Canada and Cdn Ch Madilane's Believe it Or Not achieved her Cdn title early in 2011 and will be working on her US title this year as well.  Watch for Damien kids in 2011.